Wooden BBQ Scraper

100% Bristle Free

Forms to your Grill

Makes for a Great Gift!

100% Safe all-natural Wooden Paddle BBQ Scraper!

Cleaning your barbecue grill with wire bristle brushes can be dangerous!

Try our new wooden BBQ scraper – its safe, bristle free and durable.

100% Safe all-natural Wooden Paddle BBQ Scraper Grill Cleaner

How it works

View our video or read instructions below

  • Heat your grill (400 to 500 degrees)
  • Open lid of BBQ.
  • Carefully work Wooden BBQ Scraper back & forth on your BBQ grill using firm slow pressure until wood paddle end in formed to your grill.
  • Repeat back & forth motion and clean your BBQ grill removing all BBQ charcoal/left overs from the grill.
  • Dip wooden BBQ scraper in water and continue to clean your BBQ grill until BBQ grill is clean.
  • Dip wooden BBQ scraper in olive oil and coat your BBQ grill.

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